Radio Controller System

Radio Controller System

About Radio Control Center

With the following four subsystems it seeks complete radio control:

Radio software
Radio Controller System
Record conversations
Radio Net

Radio Net

  • .Remote wireless networking by computer networks
  • . Multi-user wireless operation
  • . Wireless remote network interception on PC
  • . Wireless remote planning
  • . View user’s profile
  • . Play ready messages
  • . Reduce the cost of buying wireless

facilities of Radio Control

  • . Check for wireless status
  • . Check the status of wireless users
  • . Preventing intrusive wireless
  • . Disable missing wireless

Radio Software

  • . Prevent Unauthorized Access to Planned Information on Wireless and Wireless Programming by Unauthorized Persons
  • . Customize the wireless serial or change the wireless serial to the corporate property code
  • . Reduce the cost of wireless repair
  • . Fix hardware errors using software

Radio Recorder

. Recording radio conversations
. Record radio conversations
. Caller ID
. Show conversation statistics
. Listen to recorded conversations
. Broadcast radio talk radio
. Play voicemail ready at set times