Urban Services

Urban and domestic services system


This system is multi tabs that every user by choosing his/her language could provide his/her needs of urban services.

  • Computer service affairs such as network expert, CCTV installation, software, graphics, printer and scanner repair, hardware repair, Wi-Fi and WiMAX installation.
  • All service and construction affairs, such as electrician, glazier, plumber, building worker, ceramic and tile installer, radiator and package installer, painter of the building, carpentry and decoration, door painter and decoration, communications, decoration, installation of curtain and carpeting, maintenance And repair of elevator, locks and key maker
  • Service and industrial affairs such as welding, metal lathe, molding, milling and so on.
  • Household services and maintenances such as guarding, cleaning and sanitation, elderly and patient maintenance, babysitter and maid services.
  • The affairs and services of repairers of vehicles such as, battery and cooler repair, car cleaner, painting, mechanics, undercarriage, car aparat, radiator, repairer of carburetor and injector cars.
  • The affairs of the repair of electrical appliances such as repairs of washing machines, refrigerators, mixers and meat grinder, juicer
  • The affairs and services of repairers of industrial electrical and mechanical equipment such as industrial power maintenance, repair of industrial machinery
  • Administrative and commercial affairs and services, such as the use of secretary, service staff,
  • Reception and restaurant services include admission by restaurants, halls and events, and activating food units.