Network Control System

NetWatch is a server software to be installed on a UNIX operating system that will communicate with its agents on network nodes. The agents collect the node information from their environment and then send those data to NetWatch to let the advanced AI based components estimate the level of security of that node. NetWatch will also estimate the level of security in physical locations and different departments. This will let the administration of NetWatch, sort the priority of nodes, subnets, departments for being secured first. NetWatch uses AI tools to propose the best move to administration that will enhance the security of the network most effectively.

Sample Use Case

The network administrator needs to be ready for attacks before they happen. It is good to know who have attacked us by a SIEM of SoC but it is better to prevent the attack proactively by NetWatch. The security manager needs to know what subnet is extremely vulnerable to unplug it (in worst case) from Internet or add some restrictive firewall rules (in less critical situations) due to security reasons and also wants to know what to do to fix that network. GateWatch will handle the job.