Digital crime scanner


This system is designed to identify the location of sensitive files leaked on an enterprise computer. The placement agent is installed on computers and identifies intangibles of the files in the format and generates a unique code for that system, the files will be unloaded from the computer as soon as it leaves the computer. In the event that a file from the organization Exit, it is possible to specify which file from which system it is logged through the unique code contained in the file.

One of the concerns in the networked computer network is the unauthorized connection of the network to the Internet. The software allows it to automatically send commands to control the behavior of these computers when connected to computers equipped with the Internet.


  • Performing tasks in an intangible way from the user’s perspective
  • Not detected by security modules and anti-malware
  • The ability to create an exclusive placement agent with unique ID
  • The ability to recognize tagged files as well as the ability to extract the data contained in the file
  • Ability to set whether or not to delete information stored in the client after reporting to the control server
  • Ability to set the time of the Watermarking operation in the client
  • Possibility to prioritize watermarking sites (from what drives it starts to operate Watermarking)
  • The ability to record typed typed by the user along with the registration of the window or program that the user works with.
  • Capable of recording imaging of user actions
  • Possibility of activating the Webcam and Microphone remotely
  • Ability to send and receive information from the system operator (via email or website)
  • The ability to send information from the client to the user’s system before the client login
  • The ability to receive the password and the computer’s username and send it to the control center
  • Possibility to control multiple subjects that are infected with this software by a single software and platform, and a user or multiple user (subject officer)