System goals:

  • Remove doubts in the decision making process of the commander
    • Integrated and coordinated system
    • Full monitoring of the covered area (checkpoint)
    • The use of precision and controlled sensors
    • Use fewer but trained forces
    • Ensure full security against intrusion Shand

Several methods have been proposed to enhance the security of perimeter protections, which can be used for peripheral protection systems using optical fiber, infrared radiation, microwave detector and electrostatic field system. Each of the listed systems has their own performance theory.

System components

  • Command Center
    • Portal and Transmitter (Commander)
    • repeater
    • Receiver
    • Terminal box
    • IDM ID
    • Panel board notifies the outbound alert
    • Detection sensors

Hardware specifications of the original sender:

  • TFT Color LCD 7”
  • Cap. Multi Touch Panel
  • ARM Cortex 9
  • AOS Firmware
  • MAP Storage
  • Keyboard
  • RS232 Port
  • GPS, AGPS, Glonass
  • Power & Frq. Programmable Radio 5W
  • Standard Battery (AA Size , Easy Change)
  • Back mount Backup Battery (Easy Installation )
  • MIL Standard for Mold and Mounting