About E-government

The goal of government-to-customer (G2C) e-government is to offer a variety of ICT services to citizens in

an efficient and economical manner, and to strengthen the relationship between government and citizens

using technology.

There are several methods of government-to-customer e-government. Two-way communication allows

citizens to instant message directly with public administrators, and cast remote electronic votes

(electronic voting) and instant opinion voting. Transactions such as payment of services, such as city

utilities, can be completed online or over the phone. Mundane services such as name or address changes,

applying for services or grants, or transferring existing services are more convenient and no longer have to be completed face to face.

Advantages and Value :

Establishing a suitable software and communication platform in the Information Exchange Center as an alternative to creating parallel networks and spending money and time for communicating point to point between agencies and providing service, bring advantages such as centralized management, flexibility in new changes and simpler development and also connection and providing service from all agencies to each other via this center. In addition, this center can provide G2G centralized services and create single window for G2C that is Electronic Government platform. As a result, by establishment this platform the expenses of installation, management and maintenance of hardware, communication line will decrease dramatically and carry out steps to install the service will be proceed very fast.

Government Service Bus (GSB) – G2G

Existence of an infrastructure in structured and specific form which is capable for stability and establishment new service for using as soon as possible and ability to respond to high volume of requests in suitable time. Providing access to services and validation of service receivers easily and accurately. In addition, proper tools such as chart and table reports for controlling volume of transferred services such as calculating number of successful and unsuccessful requests for using service providers and service receivers.

In regard existence high volume of information and a lot transactions, emphasizing the use of database management system with proper technical state and related is its requirements.

National Center of State Information Exchange platform is the first and only integrated and centralized platform to provide service has the following functions:

  • Capability of establishment of service and providing it to other units, organizations and firms
  • Service access is defined in roll, group and user level; access is capable totally from portal so that the possibility of allowing access to a device and applying it at the moment.
  • Capability of integration of services and create services that provide different and separated process under format of a service and make process simple.
  • Submitting information of called services such as IP, devices user name, type of service and called method in specific time and diverse reporting such as table and chart to provide for information about services performance.