Secure Mobile


Researcher and Manufacturer of Secured Mobile Telecomm Technologies

Ability to work with all network monitoring tools
Equipped with ontology
Measuring network security level
Equipped with over 80,000 vulnerabilities
Creating Managerial Reports
Define activity for employees to enhance safety
Proposed behavioral action to reduce risk
Calculate the impact of attacks in determining the level of security
Manage tens of SOC security management centers


  • Dynamic Power Control
  • Hand Over
  • SMS
  • Receive diversity
  • Ciphering
  • Chaining in transmission
  • Loop configuration
  • SFH Hopping
  • Discontinuous Transmission
  • BCCH recovery
  • SNR  and Interference measurement
  • Cell traffic recording
  • Dynamic half rate and Full rate
  • AMR
  • Emergency Call
  • Subscriber Priority
  • Data and GPRS
  • Radio measurement Counters (Rx level, Rx Qual, Timing Advance, …)
  • VSWR Alarm Report